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DPF Solutions
Seven Oaks Kent

A diesel particulate filter or DPF is a filtration device fitted to most modern vehicles that reduces air pollution expelled into the atmosphere along with the exhaust gases. The DPF can become blocked over time, owing to the fact that ash and soot deposits can build up within the device. When the DPF becomes blocked, your vehicle will display a fault code that indicates the DPF will need to be regenerated or replaced.

Usually, the DPF undergoes a passive process of regeneration, whereby the soot and ash deposits are burned off when the vehicle reaches full load over an extended period of time. Unfortunately, oftentimes vehicles cannot reach the required temperature due to stop/start driving and driving shorter distances. This is what causes the DPF to fai

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DPF Removal
Seven Oaks Kent

DPF Removal/Delete refers to the physical removal of the DPF from the vehicles exhaust system. It is achieved by either replacing the complete canister with an aftermarket bypass pipe or, far more commonly, the canister is removed and the working internals are removed. The canister is then refitted leaving a visually intact system. To complete the removal it is also essential to recalibrate the ECU, to remove the regeneration process and eliminate any resulting fault codes.

The benefits of a DPF delete include the fact that it is a permanent solution and it provides a very slight improvement in performance and fuel economy. This process is legally only applicable to vehicles utilised for off road use. Please contact us for further information.

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