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Kent and surrounding South East counties.

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ECU Remapping, Tonbridge

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ECU - Engine Retuning
Tonbridge Kent.

When a manufacturer develops a vehicle it has to take into account the wide range of operating parameters it may encounter in the differing marketplaces it will be retailed in, for example, fuel quality and octane ratings available, atmospheric conditions, varying emissions regulations and the possibility of users maintaining a poor service routine

There is an increasing trend in modern vehicle development to design engines to be modular and therefore able to be fitted with minimal modification to a variety of different models in various states of tune. Having your engine tuned will increase engine performance, improve fuel economy and provide an effective solution for your engine.

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Engine Remapping
Tonbridge Kent.

It is this great degree of variables that allows us to optimize a vehicle ECU. Our remapping technician will expertly tailor your remap to cater for your specific needs, be it outright performance, significantly improved economy for diesel engines, a torque map for greatly improved towing capability or even a balanced map to achieve a good spread of power and torque whilst retaining excellent mpg figures.

At EB Performance, we can help you achieve those goals and we offer our custom remapping service for the very large majority of modern passenger and commercial vehicles present on the road.

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